Scarlet Harris

At French Cut Hair, Scarlet Harris’ signature highlighting, ombre and balayage techniques have caught the attention of Portland’s fashionistas, and it’s apparent her vibrant, head-turning hues are becoming a favorite among the young city-chic. She also specializes in modern, feminine, bridal and red-carpet hair styles.

Born in Idaho, Scarlet says, “I was a child of the ‘big-hair 80s’ and I quickly realized the joys of hairstyling. Even in grade school, I was crimping, waving, curling, and getting perms. By junior-high and high-school, I was the go-to-girl for my friends’ color and hairdo needs: bleaching, dreads, manic-panic, henna and vintage up-do’s.”

“I’m always trying to figure out the newest and latest, or re-discovering old, timeless tricks from the past. The styles never stop coming and I never stop exploring. Hair is an art form and I feel very blessed to go to work everyday and perform my art for the joy of others.”

“My off-time shenanigans? Re-purposing things; restoring furniture; mixed media arts; dancing; chilin’ outside; thrifting; happy-hour with the girls; and dinner and games with friends.”

Scarlet’s favorite quote: “Love of Beauty is good taste. The Creation of beauty is an art.” ---

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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