Monica's Philosophy



A history of French Cut Hair French Cut Hair is synonymous with the notion of a "French touch". It is an idea that is recognizable around the world. It is a quality and attention to detail that is uniquely French and is visible across the breadth of all of France. It is for this reason that we chose the name French Cut.

Today, hair comes in a multitude of textures. One finds curled, stiff, supple, frizzy, colored, and bleached. With these there are unique styles. Some want their hair straightened out or frizzed up. Some want square cuts, others favor more asymmetrical hairstyles. Some want their hair to look more natural, more classical, or even avant-gardes.

Our concept is that we have no barriers, everyone should be able to express themselves through their hair. and we provide the technique and hair-care expertise to help people realize what they want from their hair. To us, a good artist must reach for the horizons of their art and we strive to do this with every hair cut. Our concept is multifaceted and we hope to open you to the universe of possibilities that exist.

A “proper method” to wear your hair does not exist. It is your desire for your hair and your creativity that creates the variety through which you project your identity. Do not try to follow the crowd. Stay true to yourself to create something authentic, original and true. Our role is to try to translate your vision.